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Neton8 is the easy-to-use one-stop solution for building and maintaining your corporate, club or personal websites, extranets and intranets.

Change anything, anytime, quickly and easily

With a Neton8 website, you get an online content management system that gives you complete control over the content and design of your site. No technical expertise is required, no software to download, everything can be done online using secure passwords. And there are intelligent applications to help you manage news items, diary events, picture galleries, document libraries, and much more, keeping your site fresh and dynamic.

Great looking and friendly

You can achieve stunning visual effects using Neton8's design capabilities. Choose one of many simple, uncluttered designs to suit your style and content. Your site will be fast, functional, easy to maintain and search-engine friendly. And your visitors will love the dynamic content like news, events, contacts, links, all easily updated via an online interface.

High value, low cost

For whatever purpose you need a website, you'll find Neton8 has the solution. And because Neton8 is an automated system, you get advanced features for no extra cost. For particular requirements, we can provide add-on modules to your specification. You'll never need another web designer!

Clear, simple and effective navigation

It takes just two clicks to add a page to your site, and the navigation menu and sitemap are updated automatically.
You also get dropdown menus, a breadcrumb trail (showing you where you are in the site) and next page links, and a consistent layout and feel to all your pages.

Inherent search engine placement strategy

Your keywords are copied to every page, plus Neton8 incorporates every means possible to make it easier for search engines to find and list your page. We also provide tips and links on how to submit your site to the free and paid-for listings.

Helpful applets to make your life easier

The Neton8 toolkit includes easily-configurable feedback forms, a diary, contact list, picture gallery, links page, discussion forum, polls, newsletters, and more. All designed to be easy to update.

Plus features normally found in only the most advanced content management systems

  • search facility

  • printer-friendly pages

  • members-only area

  • web statistics in an easy to understand format

No technical expertise required

If you can surf the internet, you can build and maintain a website with Neton8. All the technical stuff, like browser-friendly fonts, XHTML-based HTML, cross-browser compatibility, etc is handled automatically. And it's all online, so you can update your site from any internet-connected computer. No need to know FTP, HTML, XML, DHTML or any 3LAs.

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